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Since February 28, 2022, Natacha has been engaged in direct humanitarian intervention in Ukraine with close collaboration with Compound Eyes Foundation.


She named her new mission, Operation PinkBus, and it has since reflected her creative and anachronistic approach. 

Here is an interview with Natacha on her humanitarian and artistic work in Ukraine.

As the founder and leader of Operation PinkBus, Natacha has delivered over $400,000 USD worth of vehicles, medical equipment, and other forms of direct aid to Ukrainians helping their people on the ground.

Natacha created and successfully auctioned off an art piece called Object Petit A, a women and children rescue and evaction van she had delivered to and traded back from the Donbas region of Ukraine.


Currently, Natacha is working on the production of a documentary film and TV series called the Givers.

This is how Natacha describes the Givers:

The Givers: “Where is Alice?” is a raw, unmitigated story of compassion, a cinema vérité set in a country undergoing cataclysmic change. 


It's late spring, month four of the war in Ukraine. The main characters are a couple of enamored young Ukrainians–Elena, a makeup artist, and Vitalii, a cinematographer. Both are patriots; she had refused evacuation; he had not yet been called to fight. They felt paralyzed, on standby and without work, watching from the relative comfort of the capital the Russian incursion only a couple hundred miles away. 


It’s at this moment that opportunity strikes: they link up with a scrappy Paris-based foundation giving grants to young Ukrainians to deliver aid to places where foreign NGOs cannot. 

From that point onward, Elena and Vitalii are in charge of deciding how to best help their people. They share a playful, can-do attitude in creating a plan of action. As they apprehensively head to the frontlines, they are full of romantic dreams of doing good by their people. They discover that the biggest challenge of goodwill is existential. Who can they trust, and most importantly, who are they to decide who deserves charity the most?

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